Colette Black

Writer of Fantasy, Horror, and Sci-fi

Noble Ark: Mankind's Redemption Book 1

Mwalgi pirates, parasitic aliens who consume human spinal fluid, are boarding the Noble Ark. When Larkin Trovgar, a half-human member of the attacking alien ship, turns on his own people, saving Aline Taylor's life, she feels duty-bound to watch over the impossible monstrosity. Despite his easy-going charms and virile physique, she's determined to see him as she would any Mwalgi--nothing better than an animal. As Larkin's presence brings out the best and worst in the human crew, and the Noble Ark is harassed by more Mwalgi ships, will Aline look past Larkin's alien heritage to find love, or will mistrust cost her everything?

Desolation: Mankind's Redemption Book 2

Aline and Lar escaped, but Lar's former ship, Desolashon, is still a threat. As tensions grow and Lar and Aline's situation worsens, finding a way out becomes secondary to daily survival. Merderous plots and jealous rivalries threaten their lives, but even greater danger lies in the secrets they dare not reveal.

Mwalgi Justice: Mankind's Redemption Book 3

Lar has one week until the authorities take him away and incarcerate him for treason. Aline's only hope for survival is to stay with Lar's brother, Jeraud, but it's a fruitless hope. The loving family of Lar's youth has disappeared, replaced by animosity, prejudice, and betrayal. If Lar and Aline thought surviving on a Mwalgi spaceship was impossible, now they face a planet deemed uninhabitable to humans whose authorities would like to see Lar dead, and a populace who would drain Aline's CSF without mercy.

One Horn to Rule Them All: A Purple Unicorn Story. 
Unicorns, with their single ivory horn, are elusive and magical creatures of myth. Yet even more elusive are the purple unicorns.
First sighted at the Superstars Writing Seminar, their legend has grown year after year until it could only be contained in this anthology. Nineteen storytellers, including Peter S. Beagle, Todd McCaffrey, and Jody Lynn Nye, as well as new and rising authors, invite us into worlds both near and far, across a desert oasis, a pet shop, a Comic-Con exhibition floor, and more, and show us the many variations of purple unicorns, from the imaginary to the actual—and one very memorable half-unicorn, half-potato.
One Horn to Rule Them All is an unforgettable collection of imagination and creativity. So, saddle up, and take a ride beyond the rainbow.
All profits benefit the Superstars Writing Seminar Scholarship Fund.

Fourteen: The Number Prophecy Book 1

As one of the emperor's many sons, Fourteen hopes to be chosen as his father's successor despite master Chid Den's cautions. When magic and science combine to threaten Fourteen's life, it's too late to escape. He and Den must put their trust in Mariessa, a small sixteen-year-old girl with unusual abilities. As Den holds to his secrets, Mariessa continues to distrust, and Fourteen's pride brings contention, their survival depends on learning to believe in one another. And if the emperor's fear of their success is any indication, their efforts could affect more lives than their own.

Getting busted for coming home late becomes the least of Quint Silver’s problems when he finds himself outside, beneath a full moon, in the middle of a blackout. Ethereal, humanoid creatures rise from every shadow he crosses, intent on smothering him. With Chelsea Price, the childhood friend he secretly loves, they discover the truth behind his mother's death and begin to uncover the mysteries surrounding his unpredictable gift. If his paranoid father discovers them Quint will be grounded for the rest of his teenage life. Adding to his problems, Quint has caught the interest of a magical society hidden within their community. Two clans of warring supernatural beings are vying for dominance, recruiting every soldier they can find. And they want him.

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The Black Side: A collection of horror, science fiction, and fantasy short stories by Colette Black.
~The Art of Blood and Bourbon: an art show, a critique, and an assassin. Who will win in the end?
~Kairo’s Opportunity:Trapped in a sewer since birth, Kairo makes an unexpected friend, one living in a different kind of cage. Only if they help each other, will either find freedom.
~Beneath the Skin: an innocent trip to India with an unexpected stowaway.
~In the Red: technology is a common escape, especially for teens, but not usually like this.
~Eden's Hell: The petunia isn't just another pretty face.
~Obsessions: you’ll laugh, you’ll squirm, and you’ll grab a cup of blueberry Jello for dessert.
~False Reality: David swore he’d never be like his dad, but choices aren’t always what they seem.
~Demon River: a simple lunch of blood-fish and Craydon Leatherworker learns the merits of local legend.

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