Colette Black

Writer of Fantasy, Horror, and Sci-fi


Books in Progress

From idea to published novel: 1) Outline    2)Write the Story    3) Author Edits    

4) Professional edits    5) Cover Illustration    6)Typesetting    7) Published Novel

Mankind's Redemption ~ Nineteen-year-old Aline Taylor longs for the military life, but guarding a half-breed alien challenges her views, her prejudices, and endangers her life in ways she could have never expected.

Lenfay's Hell: Book 4, (Stage 3, author edits)

Legends of Power ~ We've all walked into the night, felt trepidation crawl up our spines as we passed through dark shadows. But what if the waiting monster lies within? When fifteen-year-old Quint Silver discovers his curse, he's not the only one waiting to see what will happen. And the others have their own purposes in mind.

Moon Shadows: Book 1, Released May 2017

Smoke Whisperer: Book 2, (In stage 3- Author Edits)

The Number Prophecy ~ Fourteen fights for the chance to follow in his father's footsteps. As the emperor's fourteenth child, at sixteen-years-old, he's young, but not the youngest to have ever aspired to to the throne. This passing of power, a tradition of centuries, is no longer questioned, but why would a man in his prime willingly forfeit his throne to a child?  Will Fourteen discover his father's secret before it's too late, or will his stubborn ignorance doom himself, his siblings, and possibly his world? 

Thirteen: Book 2, (Stage 2-Writing)

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